Crib - Deluxe

Just like in your home, our (not portable) solid wood Crib Deluxe is certified to be safe. We will build the crib in the room where your baby will be sleeping. The Crib Deluxe has no moving parts and the 5" coil mattress adjusts to three different heights. (The crib is set up on the lowest setting, let us know if you want the mattress set up higher) BEST CRIB VALUE IN SARASOTA!  Mattress, 1 sheet,  and 1 pad. Breathable  bumpers are $5 extra. Crib rail chew guards are $5 extra. (If your child chews the sides, you may be charged up to $50) Styles and wood tones may vary.  measures 58 1/2L x 29 1/2W x 38 1/2H



Deluxe Crib
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